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Join us at Corporate Personal Fitness

NEW - Virtual Personal Trainer

As well as visiting clients in their workplaces, Corporate Personal Fitness has recently developed a series of 4 to 5 minute instructional videos designed to improve performance and wellbeing in the office.

Find out how Virtual Personal Trainer works with our 'Introduction to the Virtual Persoanal Trainer' video to the left then try out 'Stay Young', the first in our series of virtual personal training videos. You can view this for free!



  • Every week every employee is sent a video message via email designed to help them improve their fitness.

  • The fun videos focus on prevention of low fitness related illnesses such as bad backs from poor posture.

  • Activity reports are sent to company representatives such as HR managers so they can easily see which employees are taking part.

  • This is a highly effective yet simple way of improving the basic fitness of your workforce.

  • The Virtual Personal Trainer costs £10 per company per week to subscribe plus the weekly cost per employee. Invoiced monthly.

  • 1 – 10 employees = £1.00 per employee

  • 11 – 50 employees = £0.80 per employee

  • 51 – 100 employees = £0.75 per employee

  • 101 – 250 employees = £0.60 per employee

  • 250+ employees = £0.50 per employee

  • We also offer individual subscriptions for lone workers at an all-inclusive price of £99 per annum payable in advance. That equates to just £1.90 per week!


How it works

Our aim is to improve your company’s business performance by improving the fitness, health and wellbeing of its primary resource – its workforce.


  • Productivity increases as sickness days are minimised because staff are fitter and healthier.

  • Motivation increases along with wellbeing because staff are fitter, healthier and feel good about themselves.

  • Organisations save time and money using Corporate Personal Fitness, as we come directly to the workplace so there is no downtime traveling to and from gyms. Also, CPF is more cost effective than corporate gym membership.

  • We are flexible. Day to day work is not affected as we visit at a time to suit you;  before or after the working day, at break or lunchtimes, during the day or to fit shift patterns.

  • Staff relations are improved as the company further demonstrates it cares about its employees.
  • We will come in and conduct a free initial assessment.  During the assessment we will ascertain what goals the organisations would like to set for their staff (such as fitness, reduced sickdays etc.), at what regular time they would like us to train and where that would be. We will also identify team champions.

  • We will leave them with ten of our individual appraisal forms. I have attached an example.

  • We will send in one of our fitness instructors once a week for 1.5 hours per team to train the staff. This includes 15 mins set up time, 15 minutes reporting and analysis and 60 minutes of activities and individual advice.

  • What activities the team will do depends on what their individual needs and fitness levels are but may include both individual and team activities such as stretching, strengthening exercises, aerobic exercises, postural exercises and massage. The sessions are designed to be motivational and fun!
  • The team will receive first class fitness advice because Corporate Personal Fitness has expert personnel. Our staff are capable, knowledgeable and experienced. Staff are fully trained and insured.

  • We provide a bi-monthly report detailing activities and progress towards targets.

  • The weekly cost per team is £75.00 and each team consists of up to ten people. You can split this into two teams of five, each having 30 minutes to accommodate half hour lunches for the same cost. We also ask each team member to pay £1 per week.  This is to gain commitment and is given back in incentives etc.


All our activities are tailored to the individual so as to maximise the effectiveness of the actions.

Fun and motivational they are designed to suit the individual taking into account their age gender ability and fitness level.

Corporate Personal Fitness offers hundreds of activities. If you can’t see it listed just ask and we will arrange it.

All our instructors are fully trained and insured and are experienced in delivering effective technique in a wide variety of office and corporate environment.


Maximum results in the minimum time. This combination of cardio and strength is great for sending your fat burning into high gear.


No you can’t hit the boss but you can hit your targets when feeling great after this fun stress relieving workout.


Add definition to your body with strength training. It’s not just for Mr Schwarzenegger. Strength training is used for elderly people to prevent falling.


Regardless of age, weight or athletic ability, aerobic activity is good for you. Flood your body with endorphins, natural painkillers that promote an increased sense of well-being.


Whether it’s round the office carpark or on the way to work, regular running even for just five minutes a day can add years to your life.


Great for offices with limited space and busy staff. Because of its intense nature the workout duration must be kept short.


Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers. What’s not to like!


Dancing is good exercise and a fun way to keep fit. From hula to salsa. You’ll be the star of the next office party too!


From trigger point to deep tissue and sports massage. Our experts will relieve your stress and keep you in tip top condition. Ahhh!

Functional Training

Functional training is less about spot-training specific vanity muscles like biceps and abs, and more about getting stronger at compound movements you can use in real working situations.


The ultimate stress buster. Stretching helps to ensure correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position.


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Our Clients

about corporate personal fitness

Corporate Personal Fitness provides high quality personal fitness training to employees in the office / work environment.

We improve the fitness, health and wellbeing of our clients’ primary asset - its workforce - so it can boost its economic output.


We work hard and play hard.

We are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of workers.

We are fun. We ensure our clients and our staff enjoy work. Smiling, laughing and feeling good is what we are all about.

We really care about our clients. We look after them and help them be the best they can.


Your team receives first class fitness advice because Corporate Personal Fitness has expert personnel.

Our staff are capable, knowledgeable and experienced. Staff are fully trained and insured.



Keeping active at work is essential to a healthy life.


PEOPLE who work in offices should keep active and be on their feet for at least two hours per day. Guidance, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, warns that UK sedentary behaviour now accounts for 60 per cent of people's waking hours and for 70 per cent of those at high risk of a long term condition.


IMPROVING your health, fitness and wellbeing begins with exercise and good, balanced nutrition.



Five top tips to eat clean and get lean


Gaynor Williams, Chair of Breathe Easy Darlington and Victoria McFaull, Studio Manager at CPF.


IRENE Atkin was in her mid-Forties when she first discovered she had chronic breathing problems.

Although she had smoked for some of her adult life, she packed in when she first noticed her mild breathlessness and didn’t give it much thought thereafter.




Corporate Personal Fitness is the number one workplace wellbeing organisation in the UK.

We are experts at improving the fitness, health and wellbeing of our clients’ primary asset - their people - so their organisations succeed.

Fit teams make strong businesses.