05 January 2017

Five ways we can help you quit smoking

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Giving up smoking can be difficult. Find out how to make it easy to quit.

Five ways we can help you quit smoking

Everyone knows the facts. Smoking kills. It’s addictive and difficult to stop. But when you are ready to quit smoking we can make it easier for you.

Fitness programmes designed just for you can really help. Here are 5 great benefits you get from a fitness program.

1. Distraction
Exercise is a great distraction from most day-to-day annoyances – the habit to light up being just one of them. Exercising while you are trying to quit can reduce the feelings of withdrawal. We can help you with simple habit breaking routines.

2. Learn about your body
Doing some exercise while you’re still smoking can show you just how much the habit has affected you. As you cut down on your smoking, you should see an improvement in your ability to exercise. Having this kind of physical record can be a great motivator to help you quit.

3. De-stress
Not only is quitting is one of the most stressful things you can do but it means you’re actually removing one of your methods of coping with stress. Studies have shown that people smoke more when they are stressed. Exercise produces endorphins that help reduce your stress levels and our personal trainers can show you how to release them to help you de-stress.

4. Halt the weight gain
As cigarettes are seen as an appetite suppressant, people often put on weight when they’re quitting. By taking part in some regular exercise, you can help combat this side effect to quitting.

5. Detox
When you stop smoking the chemicals leave your body after 72 hours. Now is the perfect time to eat clean. Our personal trainers can help you with nutrition advice to help clean out your system and bring your body back in balance.

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